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Who won the McCarthy trade?

Fremantle have given up pick No.3 in the AFL draft to sign Giants forward Cam McCarthy.
Who won the McCarthy trade?
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The big question
The first deal has finally been done and the player and clubs involved are no surprise. Cam McCarthy has landed at Fremantle, a year later than he originally wanted. All the Dockers had to give up to secure the deal was pick No.3 in the draft. In return they secured picks No.7, 34 and 72 and McCarthy from the Giants. GWS didn't have a lot of bargaining power given McCarthy returned home to Western Australia this year and didn't play this season, but does that mean they lost the trade?

Dockers win
Fremantle got their man, something they have been struggling to do for some time when it came to the trade period. They have only gone four positions backward in the first round in what is expected to be a very even draft pool, which is no major loss and have picked up two further draft picks later in the draft, which could prove useful in future trades as they try and secure Hawthorn triple premiership player Brad Hill and Geelong forward Shane Kersten. McCarthy might not have played at all this season but he has been training two days a week with South Fremantle and proved what he was capable of doing, kicking 36 goals in 21 games in his time with the Giants. There are questions surrounding his mental health issues, but hopefully now he is playing footy in his home state, he is able to overcome those problems.

Giants win
The Giants knew they didn't have a great deal of bargaining power when it came to this trade. McCarthy was disappointed the Giants couldn't secure a trade with Fremantle last season and that failure only compounded his mental health issues and he returned home to WA at the start of this season. That said, while GWS were forced to give up three picks is order to secure pick No.3 they are pretty shrewd when it comes to maximising their picks in the draft. While last year saw both Sydney clubs trying to gather as many draft picks as possible to secure Academy selections, the rules around the bidding process have been tweaked slightly to stop that this year. What they have done by moving forward four spaces in the first round order is ensure they don't have to use their first round pick to secure Academy player Will Setterfield. Essendon and Brisbane, who hold the two picks ahead of the Giants in the first round, are not thought to be interested in Setterfield, meaning that the Giants will be able to use pick No.3 on a different talented youngster and then still match any bid for Setterfield with a combination of later picks.

Our verdict
We have got to give this one to Fremantle. They got the player they wanted and two extra draft picks that will help with future trade negotiations or at least secure fairly decent players in what is expected to be a very even and deep draft pool, while only going backward four picks in the first round. That isn't to say the Giants are massive losers on this one, though. They made the very best of a bad situation with McCarthy and will definitely end up with a very good player with whoever they select at No.3.

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