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Umps may have missed crucial penalty

GWS star Tom Scully is in no danger of an AFL suspension, despite being charged with striking.
Umps may have missed crucial penalty
Photo Source: AAP

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The Western Bulldogs' stirring AFL preliminary final win over the Giants might have ended much differently had a controversial 50m penalty been paid.

Laws of the game committee member Michael Christian agrees Tom Scully should have received the penalty with less than two minutes left in Saturday's epic clash at Spotless Stadium.

Scully was in the centre square and Bulldogs defender Jason Johannisen appeared to run inside the onballer's 10m protected zone.

But no 50m penalty was paid and Scully kicked into attack.

A 50m penalty would have give Scully a set shot at goal, with the Giants trailling by five points.

"This should have been paid, a 50m penalty," Christian told RSN927.

"Johannisen started probably 10, 11, maybe 12m - it was difficult to say - from behind the mark, but didn't make any attempt to veer out, to get out of that protected zone.

"It actually impeded Scully's movement, because Scully was wanting to roll onto his left boot and it impeded the movement."

The only score in the last two frantic minutes was a behind to Bulldogs forward Tory Dickson on the final siren.

The Bulldogs won by six points, putting them into Saturday's grand final against Sydney.

If scores are level in an AFL final, extra time is played.

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