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SportsFan is closing

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SportsFan is closing
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It is with sadness that we announce that SportsFan is coming to an end. The website, mobile site and SportsFan App will all cease operating on October 31, 2016.

Telstra has a long history of quality digital sports coverage and SportsFan has proudly carried that tradition across all the sports our Australian audience love. Unfortunately the decision has been made to discontinue the SportsFan brand.

The editorial staff at SportsFan have endeavoured to bring you sports coverage with an entertaining and thought-provoking edge. Through our articles and videos we hope we have added to your enjoyment of your favourite sports over the years.

We would like to thank our loyal readers and in particular the many regular contributors to our comments sections. It was always our goal to fuel healthy debate on the subjects you were most passionate about. Your willingness to spill your hearts out on our pages has set SportsFan apart from similar sports sites.

Particular thanks, but not limited to the following regular contributors.

grumpy, Miss Creant, jef, knaven and TerranceMcQuewick, John Erichsen, hawkeye, Annie Key, Bohdi, zombie, Hawkboy, Matt, Muhahha, Acfar2, CT, Hawks forever, Dean, Rusty, Timothy Stevens, MikeR, Al of Smugville, Two Shackles Bill and Clanger McClunk.

Thank you all for being part of SportsFan.