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Raiders must crack Storm defence

The Raiders have to find a way through the Storm defence
The Raiders have to find a way through the Storm defence
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Ahead of Saturday night's preliminary final at AAMI Stadium between Melbourne and Canberra, Brad Fittler believes the Raiders must find some way to exploit the rock-solid Storm defence.  

"They've got to find some tries," Fittler told Sportsfan's Will McCloy.

"They've got to find them without pressure."

In the Raiders' loss to the Sharks a fortnight ago, they got behind on the scoreboard, which they failed to cope with.

"Cronulla put enough pressure on them [to the point] where they got a bit desperate," noted Fittler.

"They just can't get desperate."

"The whole idea is not to panic."

The NSW and NRL great agreed that the visitors are rightful underdogs, and said that fast ball movement out wide was Canberra's best chance against Melbourne. 

"It will be hard for them," said Fittler.

"They're going to have to move the ball a little bit, or they'll just get wrestled to death."

"They've to attack their [Melbourne's] halves, and get the ball to the fringes."

"They're going to need a lot to go right."

Who wins? Do you agree with Freddy?

Check out Brad Fittler’s preview of Saturday night’s Storm versus Raiders preliminary final here or by clicking the video player above.