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Fagan call is wrong: Kennelly

Brisbane have appointed former Adelaide head of football David Noble to be the new general manager.
Fagan call is wrong: Kennelly
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While Tadhg Kennelly has no doubt that new Brisbane coach Chris Fagan has the knowledge for the role, the Swans premiership defender wonders whether the AFL's coaching courses have been undermined.

Fagan was appointed to his first senior coaching position on Monday after spending the past nine seasons at Hawthorn as the head of coaching and later the general manager of football operations.

The 55-year-old has only acquired his level three coaching accreditation, one level below what the AFL sees as the requirement for future senior coaches.

"There's been this big push to get coaches into doing their level four," Kennelly, who is a level three coach and leads the Allies (NSW/ACT, Queensland, Tasmania and Northern Territory) under-18 team, told SportsFan's Will McCloy.

"So why have we got level four? The AFL are pushing all these coaches, young and upcoming coaches, to go and do level four coaching courses, and they go and appoint a guy that's not qualified.

"Whether he's right or wrong, I'm looking at it from an AFL perspective and the pathway of coaching. It's the wrong decision."

Looking past the accreditation issues, Kennelly sees Fagan as a smart choice who will make the necessary tough calls to take the club forward.

Given Fagan's age, however, Kennelly wonders if a future Lions assistant coach might sign up as part of a succession plan.

"He's not going to fix (the list) initially. He's going to fix it – it'll be three years, four years," Kennelly said.

"He knows his stuff. It'll be interesting to see his assistant coaches. Do they go along the Paul Roos line and appoint a Brent Montgomery, a level four coach or a senior assistant coach, and after two or three years he hands over the reins?"

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