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Best of 2012: Hits, crashes & spills

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Stephan Feck (Olympic diver)

Feck, who won medals for Germany at the 2010 European Aquatics Championships in Budapest and at the 2011 European Diving Championships in Turin, was in a competitive position after the first round of dives in the preliminary round of the men's 3m springboard at the London Olympics. However, things went horribly awry on his second dive, an attempt at a three-and-a-half somersault. One of his feet slipped slightly on take-off, causing him to lose grip on one of his knees and sending him into an uncontrollable spin. He landed flat on his back a la many a backyard pool disaster, though this time in front of an audience of millions. After Feck emerged from the pool in obvious discomfort, the judges were unanimous in adding insult to injury, awarding him a perfect zero for his effort. The 22-year-old completed another dive but then withdrew from competition, the pain obviously too great to continue.

Tony Stewart (NASCAR driver)

After a restart on lap 333 of 500 in the NASCAR race at Bristol this August in Tennessee, reigning Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart and fierce rival Matt Kenseth quickly settled into a dramatic fight for the lead. Neither Kenseth nor Stewart, who had been clashed previously in the past, was prepared to give an inch, and the duo raced neck and neck. Eventually, they touched cars several times and went into a nasty spin into the inside barrier along the front stretch of the track. Kenseth was able to continue, but Stewart's race was over. Stewart then stayed true to his history of on-track aggression by angrily hurling his helmet at his rival's car as it came out of the pits.

After the race, Stewart was unrepentant: "I checked-up twice to not run over him and I learned my lesson there; I'm going to run over him every chance I've got from now until the end of the year - every chance I've got."

Watch Stewart lose his car and his cool:

Jeremy Foley and Yuri Kouznetsov (Hill Climb drivers)

Foley and co-driver Kouznetsov are two of the luckiest men alive. During the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in the Rocky Mountains this August, they were pushing their Mitsubishi Evo 8 to the limit as they approached a notorious turn known as 'Devil's Playground', the exact spot where driver Bobby Regester had left the road in 2011 and fortunately walked away unhurt. In an eerie repeat, Foley and Kouznetsov careened off the side of the 4265-metre mountain at speed, with their car performing a series of terrifying barrel rolls down the slope before coming to rest a broken, smouldering mess.

Amazingly, and thanks to the car's steel roll cage, both drivers survived the crash, with Kouznetov's dislocated shoulder the most serious injury either sustained. Foley reassured fans with a posting on Facebook not long after and in post-race interviews said: "Everybody talks about experiencing car wrecks at either very fast or very slow speed, and I have to say, and I think that Yuri will agree with me, that this was a very drawn out ordeal."

Watch their amazing escape:

Unknown German musician

Self-promotion is the mantra of the modern world, and what better and cheaper way to push your musical group is there than to film yourself doing something wacky and posting your effort on YouTube? Our Deutsch is not so good, but we're pretty sure the gentleman in the black speedos in this clip and his mate filming knew the pool he was about to jump into was frozen over. Surely a well-executed bomb would break the ice and win him notoriety?

Watch what happens - warning, this video contains foul language:

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