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Animal crackers

Essendon star Jobe Watson has confirmed he will continue his AFL career next season.
Animal crackers
Photo Source: AAP

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"He [sic] mate, I'm going to need to borrow these back off you." 
Essendon captain Jobe Watson announced his AFL return with a photo of his dog, who was pictured with a pair of football boots.

"Every day I wake up, count your blessings."
Australia's public face of the fight against Motor Neurone Disease, Neale Daniher is staying upbeat.

"He has (left now), thank goodness."
Dr Martin Hiscock, leader of the renegade 'Focus On Football' ticket that was seeking to overthrow the current Richmond board, didn't think the players gelled with Tigers assistant coach Brendon Lade.

"Load up the ute, grab the dogs and go. Clay’s mad on it, he’d be going five days a week if he could."
Canberra Raiders forward Shannon Boyd and fellow prop Clay Priest love pig hunting. 

"We had a bad week. I know that some football Einsteins, they tried to delete 16 years of my career and delete an unbelievable history of Manchester United Football Club and focus on a bad week and three bad results."
United manager Jose Mourinho fired back at critics of him and his team.

"I will find him one day outside a football pitch and I will break his face."
And again. This time when he was still manager at Chelsea, Mourinho ripped into bitter rival Arsene Wegner, the details of which will be in a forthcoming book currently serialised in a British newspaper.

"Beg me."
UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor responded to lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez, who challenged the Irishman to meet him at UFC 205 in New York.

"Usually we just worry about ourselves, but I feel I should support my players here and we need to have a bit of balance as well."
Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy felt forced to come out and defend his players and their tackling style, following continued complaints from other coaches in bids to try and influence the refs.

"He didn’t say a word, actually … It was a bit different to when I was growing up."
Australian cricket captain Steve Smith had a little bit more sway in regard to his batting technique when his father Peter fed him some balls in the nets as part of preparation for the forthcoming ODI series in South Africa. It was eight years since they'd last thrown down together.

"The reason I had to go off is because I can’t get my nuts out on the court."
Andy Murray had an unusual reason for taking a medical time-out during the recent David Cup tie against Argentina. Too much information, Andy.

"To me, if something like that were to happen, you’ve proved my point and it will be loud and clear for everyone why it happened, and that would move this movement forward at a greater speed than what it is even now." 
San Francisco 49ers reserve quarterback Colin Kaepernick responded to death threats aimed at him over his kneeling anthem protest.

"There's a giant lizard on the track. I'm not joking!"
Red Bull F1 driver Max Verstappen wasn't seeing things. A monitor lizard really did walk onto the track at last week's Singapore Grand Prix.

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