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@sportsfan_live Having heard many anchors do their own take on his name,could Eamon clarify proper pronunciation? Is it Ay-men? #SFClubhouse
On the show tonight, retired swim star @Eamon_Sullivan, @StuartClark6, @renee_gartner + the old sparring partners @bmrwoods & @will_mccloy !
Time is running out to get your questions in for EAMON SULLIVAN! Tweet us now!#SFClubhouse #askEamon
@sportsfan_live @AFL The other team should not have an advantage of having an extra player. #SinbinforthatWeakact #SFClubhouse
@sportsfan_live Time the @AFL brought in a sin bin for this type of incident, punch a player & KO them they go 1 man down so.. #SFClubhouse
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